Blossom Atelier .

Wow. Truly a dream come true . I’ll never forget the day I went to Ojai Ca & sat on top of Meditaion Mountain praying to God what my next venture would be . As I drove home I had a vision of a vintage shop & my hair business being in the back. I said to myself yes , that’s what I want. That way I can help people feel good through all my passions. 2 weeks later I was signing the lease with one of my best friends Gilena Simmons. Wow. Truly I feel grateful and blessed to have this precious space.

We have been open 7 months & have made such an impact on our community & the people who shop with us , people who get a service done. We have grown in so many ways. Our employees tell me daily that their lives have become better by working with us. Now that’s success. I never thought any of this could happen that fast. I’m sharing it with all of you because it’s something I’m called to do.

Blossom was a baby’s name I had saved . I love it. When Gilena and I were thinking of names it was something I had told her that we could use. It’s more than the clothing or art or antiques. It’s about letting your “inner bloom” . Blossom for me is more than a precious flower . It’s about when you come into our store your life becomes so much better . Regardless of what your doing. I wanted to create a community of people who treat one another with kindness , openness , and love through vintage . Well, I have and I can’t tell you how grateful I truly am. Everyday I get to create . What a blessing. God had a plan for me & here it was.

So, I wanted to share that Blossom continues to grow & we couldn’t be happier . Please stop by & see what we have in our store . There is something for everyone ❤ You won’t be disappointed . My business partner Gilena makes beautiful pillows and Doll house art. It’s amazing to see her finally sell things she is passionate about. We wanted to create a space where artists could come together and be as one. It’s all about that at Blossom.


Remember no matter what. Keep loving who you are . Keep being kind . Good things come no matter what you want to do. Love always. Blossom everyday. Let that inner bloom! Xo



ill be posting a lot more . So stay tuned. Dreams always come true:) You just have to visualize.:)


much love

jam xo




Yucca Valley- what a beautiful desert. What peace you find here.

Clouds make me happy

Boulders– Wow! All I can say is once you stand next too huge rocks that are created by nature, that stand alone in a flat desert, you truly believe in something way bigger than yourself



What a wonderful journey    Into the beautiful Joshua Tree. I got to experience the art walk. Where artist create and open their homes for people to enjoy. I can’t explain the creativity and kindness of these amazing artists.. If you haven’t been out to the desert I truly advise that you do . There is something quite magical about the silence and beauty of the desert. I wanted to wear something comfortable and fashionable, that worked well with the wind and the unexpected weather of the desert. I’m wearing a vintage wrap skirt, denim shirt, black tank, and an easy hat. All purchased at various vintage shops. fashion on a budget:) Make sure to check Joshua Tree out! You definitely won’t regret it.

This pic is my favorite. The house behind me reminds me of a spaceship. Ms Doolittle is a famous painter who use to live in it. Super amazing architecture .

Pioneer Town, being in a creative space is very inspiring, makes us create more.

This artist was one of my favorites, she made all kinds of art out of recycled material..Also making a wish tree. It had the best energy and a good creative space all around. She did tell me that people had hung something on her wish tree , that wish came true:)

Joshua Trees, they are really amazing up close. You really feel like you’re alone in this desert. Not a soul around. Oh how I love being in solitude.





I love this look. This dress I found in Maui at an adorable store my friend Jess took me too, called Mahina. It makes me feel like a Boho bombshell. It’s super comfortable and easy to wear. Great for work, a party or even lounging at home. I paired this with my 2 dollar shades from a vintage store in my home town, Santa Cruz. What’s great about fashion is you don’t have to spend a ton of money. Putting together simple fabrics with bright colors is sometimes what makes an outfit. The most important thing is that a outfit makes you smile. Clothing should reflect who you are inside. The greatest thing about life is being able to be who we are. 

Most importantly why I blog, is too be able to let all of you know that there is so much more to life. Looking beyond ourselves is truly amazing. There are daily things we can practice. I’m going to list them. 

A. Take time out for yourself

B. quite time 

C. Prioritize you b4 anything or anyone else

D. Pray often

E. always be grateful and be patient

F. Be kind and give back

These are just a few things I do to help myself in this life. I pray often, God is a big part of what I do, without him I wouldn’t be who I am. We are truly blessed. Remember you can do anything in this life. Go out there and do it!! 

You’re all beautiful , just the way you  are 

Much love 







Have you ever wanted to feel like you were from the 1970’s!? I sure have. This outfit was inspired by the sophisticated woman who still wants to be that DISCO QUEEN. What I loved about this look that it was a two piece outfit that went together so easily with class. The whole outfit was under 40 dollars and is well made. The shoes, from Urban Outfitters were around 75.00 , Good deal considering they are leather and well made. I can also wear them with many things. Remember you can always find things that are in you’re price range, that fit well. Just have to hunt and look for deals. Ebay, for example is one of my very favorites. I can find deals in my price range without having to spend a lot. If any of you are like me, you know it’s rough being a hard working woman with bills and a business to run, to constantly worry about how much money we spend on how we look. So I’m always hunting for deals. Best way to be. To top the outfit off i added a vintage gold necklace. It’s a nice touch with a all black outfit.

  When being this fabulous DISCO Queen, your hair better be on point. Longer hair the better right? I suggest waving your hair with a curling rod, or iron. My favorite one right now is the Harry Josh 2 in 1 iron. Makes the wave so much easier to do. Flawless every time. Makeup can be easy and fresh. Make sure and use highlighter, and bronzer. More the better :))

Beauty is what’s inside us, don’t ever forget that. No matter what kind of look your trying to convey. Remember the light that shines inside of us shines through us. So whatever outfit you want to wear, it will shine that much more because you are wearing it:) Love who you are always, and have fun with clothing. Life is too short not too right? 

Much love and keep on believing !!!





Leopard Lioness





This look is by far one of my favorite looks. This Leopard dress is made by Naked Wardrobe. Perfect for day or night. This dress is made to be comfortable and is a wrap style dress that looks great on most body types. Comfort and stylish, just the right combo. I paired it with a red lip and a bit of turquoise. Which pops the dress and ads some fun to your look. 

  Being a true Lioness you have to remember that the true beauty comes from within. Loving who you are is the source of all light that shines. When you have that light, anything looks good. No matter what size shape you may be…own it always. Lioness women, we know we shine. Love who you are.. The rest falls into place. 

Much Love


Leopard Lioness:

Dress: Naked Wardrobe

Lips : Heat Wave by Nars 


Garden Goddess

                               GARDEN GODDESS




Hello my loves . Garden Goddess was inspired by the beautiful location I was honored to experience. Up north towards Tahoe is a lovely place called Placerville . I was inspired by all the nature and beautiful colors. I decided to pair together my Vintage Cape from Adrian’s Closet and my beautiful Jean Paul Gaultier Dress together. I felt this look was perfect for this special and very magical time. When you feel beautiful in your that perfect outfit, things just feel as if life falls into place. The colors I choose to put together all earth tones. Which makes everything stand out in nature. Don’t ever be afraid to express who you are ever. Being comfortable with who you are is the most important!! Fashion is suppose to be fun. Get loose and let go always .


Dress: Jean Paul Gaultier

Cape: vintage 1960 cape – Adrienne’s closet

sandals : Steve madden 

Boho Beauty


Boho Beauty 


What a day this was, so much beauty all around you here in Kula Lani Maui. Wow is all I did while I was there. My dear friends took me to a fabulous breakfast at Grandmothers Cafe. SO good. Known for its amazing pastries and bomb food. I loved Up Country, totally a place I could see myself living. Surrounded by nature, its beauty is beyond anything in words. Birds chirping and colors you don’t even think are real because they are that beautiful. I was so inspired being there, the island really does make you at peace and what’s more important. Life is a blessing , and being Bohemian means  enjoying and having gratitude for nature and this life that we were given. I think fashion is just a plus to all those things. Being able to express yourself and being as free as you want too..that’s Boho Chic. It’s easy, and more of a state of mind. If you ever get to go to Maui, I highly recommend seeing this area. One of my most favorite days. I could literally just get lost in the green hills and purple Jacaranda Trees. 

  My outfit on this day was very Boho. The orange dress is Free People. It’s a lace dress,  and high wasted shorts underneath . Very Bohemian, was super comfortable. My Gold Birkenstocks I decided to wear with it too ad a bit more color.

Remember no matter what place you travel, or area you live in . Either it be travel or work. Have fun and enjoy what’s around you. Life and Fashion have a lot to do with each other. Colors in nature inspire me. What inspires you? Also like I say all the time. Love who you are and be Happy:) 

Dress: Free People 

Sandals: Birkenstocks in Gold.

Much love